Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Uh doodling charcters from ONE SHOT :'D
Uri, Kiryu (Mono) and Naoya~

Haven't done much lately, been sketching daiya no ace, one shot and being too lazy for my own good :_: it's terrible
Tomorow I'll be in Norway guess that will be fun tho i'm not looking forward to the ride there and back.

Monday, 3 February 2014


Just some pictures i snapped with my phone cam from a cosplay magazine called COSMODE that i bought the other day .w. Look at all the Haikyuu!! cosplays i'm so happy ;_:

 Miiiish looook some Tiger and Bunny
Firooooo look GANGSTA
And Jourmundgand XD
 Annnndd Psycho-pass

And some Kuroko no basket to end things with .w.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Monday, 13 January 2014

Back to the past(a)

What me and Firo are doing on weekday evenings :D left: me    right: firo
Drawing old characters ;_: nostalgia trip

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

title what is that

I'm tierd, so i'm breeding things for my pokemon team which takes no concentration at all which is very useful when you feel sick.
I wish i was awake enough to draw or finish my swedish assignment shalalaaaa.
Here take some calming backgrounds from B&S

Monday, 6 January 2014

-cosplay rants-

Ugh i want to cosplay, but time, money and shit school ;_:
I have my Mikasa cosplay for Närcon Winter but i really want another one aswell. (tho i have to make the 3D manuver gear and swords + buy boots and new belts) my god so much money i'll have to spend.

And I have such trouble deciding what I want to do because solo cosplay is not as fun as group ones.
Homura from Puella madoka magica, Miyuki from Daiya no ace, Akane from Psycho-pass, Chiaki from Super dangan ronpa 2, Riko or Momoe from Kuroko no basket, Kiyoko from Haikyuu!! or Korra/Katara from Avatar.

Ahaha I don't even know what fits me the best, Homura, Miyuki, Riko and Kiyoko do use glasses.. out of those Homura and Kiyoko has the personalites that fits me the best. But the characters I really love are Miyuki and Akane but I hesitate with crossplaying and my body in general and I wonder if I really can make them justice. Akane's costume is the easiest but then again I have to make a complex gun for it.
Ahghh the one which is most likely to happen is Homura because I can group cosplay with it.

*goes back to write on the swedish assignment*
Oh and i fell in love with the japansese verison of Let it go