Friday, 30 March 2012

You can't do shit brah cuz i'm a snake

Sorry for not updating ;_; but i'm once again sick.
When i woke up i fell right back down in the bed because of my head spinning. It was probably just some wierd blood pressure fall, but it kept going through out the day and it feels strange to not be able to walk normaly. I gotta correct my position alot cuz my sence of balance is weird...

Right now i'm pretty tierd and i'll try to come back to drawing tomorow. Meanwhile i'll upload the stuff that is actually done.

Daaaiii why are you so... meaty *cough* like a man... 

Compared to Sainteh who is like all.. bishe and so many details that it hurts my hand....

Can anyone even understand what this is about LOL? -It looks silly i know-
Then i have some concept art for a wierd dream~
Should i continue on it o:?

Nämen Martin va trevligt vettu o:

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