Tuesday, 26 February 2013

An enjoyable weekend

Helluuu everyone, this weekend i went to Närcon Winter in Linköping~ Even after countless headaches it was a good convention but the summer event is alot better. I really missed the "outdoor" feel in it all, well it is a winter convention so what to expect, and there was no bands playing!!! :A:

Anyhow because of Närcon i finaly started watching Psycho-Pass... omg it's so good i don't even know sjafsakjffaffafhh I DON'T UNDERSTAND why i only watched a half episode and then stopped a few months ago :A: all them feeeeeeeeellllllllsssssssssss *baws*
Watched the 18 episodes avilable in 2 days AND i regret nothing!
It's really good... a futuristic detective series with loads of twists <3

Oh other than that my wig arrived yesterday (4 days late) it's really pretty and in good quality, pics will prolly be up later ,w.

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