Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ahh memories

Ahaha~ had to repost this poem i made in january this year :A: still love it...

A war suffering city is illuminated by the glowing balls of fire raining down the fearsome dusky heavens.

The lone survivor stands up to seek a new hope before the last seven days of the world are over. Shining brightly beyond the horizon, a white tower made by the twilight.

“I wonder if salvation exists there. The child said.”

Three crows soar in the sky, complaining about their horrid yet beautiful black wings, getting tired of bearing the burden of death.

Messengers of the underworld they say, but are that really the truth? I want to know why I exist, so take me, to the ends of the earth.

A piercing cry is let lose in the silent air, the pure white bird picked up the mortal and let it see the world. How beautiful could the world really be?

“My dear little white pigeon, how far will you take me? Will you let me see the world with my own eyes?”

Smile for me, my precious child of humanity.
Remember your mortality.

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