Saturday, 2 March 2013

I dreamt...

This night i had a pretty decent dream, i was in this Roman styled village with another guy and a group of people. We were supposed to got to a military camp for education or something but somehow people strted to go missing and me and that guy went to search for them.
We ended up in a bunker with loads of technology and equipment for war, gasmasks, guns, wierd suits. A man came out from some hatch and pulled me down... i think i died after that xD cuz i switched to the guys perspective.
He had black hair with greenblueish eyes, i still remember his apperance so i'll draw it soon o.o
Anyhow he got stabbed or so but managed to escape back to the "camp".
But he thought he couldn't leave "me" to die there so he struggeled to get back to the bunker again.
When he got there he found me dead (dunno couldn't see it cuz suddenly i was soaring over like i was watching from afar.)
:__: geezus the way he cried broke my heart
After that i woke up so yea :A:

meeeeesssssy drawing cuz i just woke up

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