Saturday, 2 March 2013

Old vs New

I'll just compare... first deviantartion with a background and the now finished meteoraish city.
The first one was made in May, 2010 and took me 8-10hours to make and it looks like a piece of crap :A:.
The pic i started on yesterday... took around 5 hours basicly half the time of a crappy pic with no sence of anything :D or maybe i should rather compare with a airbrushed painting.. Made in march 2 years ago.

Of course there are alot of improvment between the two earlier ones but still it's a big jump to where i am today. Then 2012 comes and i try new stuff and fails abit... I SHOULDN'T have only used 2 layers... Anyhow, even there it's a big jump from the previous one.

Funny enough is that i never use  real perspective, i only draw from what i think looks good and adjust it as the time goes.

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  1. Hello there 8D
    Just wanted you to know that your improvement is awesome ;a;