Monday, 25 November 2013

Fandoms, school and stuff

Yo it has been a while, school is taking up 90% of my time but still I think i can manage it all... hopefully. Anyhow a few weeks ago i began watching Daiya no Ace (Ace of Diamond if anyone prefers that) and i never knew you could like a sports anime this much. After the two first episodes i litterary read all aviliable chapters and god it's an amazing manga.
The sad thing is that the fandom is quite small so only like 140 chapters out of 300+ are out :_:
I need more updates! The speed, movement and excitement you feel when reading is astounding. Personally i like almost all characters in it, but especially Miyuki since he has such a lovable personality and are a great catcher :'D
Also the art in it is inspiring with all the complex poses and how the author makes the characters feel alive.
A very nice read~ now i shall just sob over The legend of Korra finale again.

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