Sunday, 1 December 2013

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is awesome except that i can hardly move at times because of the high ms :'D
So i decided to spam this entry with pics from it~

My main, Assassin :U: she's abit too short but hey it looked good in character creation :'D
 Firo's force master, Teu. -i froze here so yeah.

 Lucerna my kung-fu master based of my Tera character

Furuya blademaster, a char i made on test on a different sub server to see how the ques were. He's prettyy so i saved the design loosely based on an old original character.

And at last my adorable little lyn, Engi the summoner with her cat c: seriously i love her and she is  also based on one of my Tera characters along with the cat that looks like my own~
If only the ques were shorter and my ms lower i would play alot more on her ;_:
3 hours in a que and to change character you have to que again... which sucks.
But anyhow i'll be watching Daiya no Ace now baiiii.

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