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Uh yeah title tells it all, just me witing out stuff that has been on my mind. (includes basball terms and shit so no one will ever understand :'D) Just comparing 2 baseball animes/mangas

Unless you want to hear it i shall just write something else up here c:
School is stressing me out, i know i shouldn't complain too much but meh. I should work more with my senior project and draw.
Overly tierd in the mornings so i really should drink coffe or something.
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Oofuri and Diamond no ace, a slight comparision
Both of the titles are very different but just enjoyable to read and watch.

Oofuri’s pitcher Mihashi Ren is a master of control and breaking balls with the most wimpy attitude and social awkwardness you could imagine. Despite this he’s an excellent pitcher when paired up with the catcher Abe Takaya, insensitive and a control freak but really is the best kind of catcher Ren could have. They balance each other out which is what makes their battery important and effective. Also Takaya help Ren build his confidence by taking the lead and winning matches with flying colors.

And for Diamond no ace, Sawamura Eijun a pitcher with a headstrong and flaming personality the complete opposite of Ren. As for him he has his naturally breaking fastball as one of his few weapons (as for chapter 143), unlike Ren he has bad control of his pitches and can handle throwing a real fastball but the pitches are way too wild for an ordinary catcher to handle. Eijun’s main catcher Miyuki Kazuya can catch almost any kind of pitch so also here the author has made a good balance.
The huge difference in between these two series is the amount of people available for each match, in Oofuri the only real pitcher and catcher they have are Ren and Takaya and they are only like 10 members or so in the whole club. When compared to Diamond no Ace that is set at a school with great baseball records with different levels of baseball and regularly going to Koshien with a number of great players.  Seidou even has 4 pitchers for each match while Ren has to pitch for at least 7 innings each match and that is only if they can make a shut-out play.

When I think of it no pitcher in Diamond no Ace has a complete control of the pitches they make, Furuya has the power and speed but his control lacks. Tanba has a few breaking balls, speed and decent amount of power but his shoulder has been injured. Eijun is just the worst when it comes to control but this is to his advantage in the higher leagues when Kazuya takes them all no matter what kind of course they have.
Also the experience of the field players are huge as well, Nishimura can make double plays and great catching in the outer field and so but compared to a national level team as Seidou they just don’t have the experience. Which could be because they have no seniors to look up to all of them are first years.

;_: I could write for ages but no one cares.

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